Monday, September 21, 2009

What Does Paranormal Mean?

What does paranormal mean? To most people it has to do with ghosts and you either believe they coexist with us or they don't? But what about witchcraft? Was it real and does it still exist in our 21st century society today? EVERYONE, and yes, I mean every person on the planet believes and/or practices some sort of "witchcraft" in it's most simplest form. And those who say they are christian practice it the most; sorry but it's true.

What is magic?
Magic is the manipulation of something to make it go against it's natural course of action. When we wish for something or do something to make an action do what it wouldn't normally do; when we pray for something such as a job or a mate that is asking for a power to intercede stronger than yourself to create the reality by means other than your own.

Magic Today
I'm the last person to give a history lesson on the origins of religion but it is necessary to point out that Christianity came as an offspring of Judaism after the crucifixion of Christ. Christ himself performed the most extreme shows of magic, or as we were all taught, miracles. And it is because of these precise reasons that everyone practices magic still today. The mere act of communion and the wine being turned into the blood of Christ is magic in and of itself. We believe that our sins will be forgiven just by this magical change, myself included. Those who don't follow a religion or believe in God do their own form of "wishful thinking". Everyone wishes for, whether it be covertly or subconsciously, things to be a certain way other than what it is. The Native Americans were the first witches as we know them. Their practics are much the same today as they were when they ruled our country. Again, I'm not going to go through a history lesson, most of us know the basics of the Native American spiritual practices. Their strong belief in the earth, the animals and man having such a strong connection is what formed every aspect of their way of life. Wiccans today believe in the Mother Earth goddess and Isis, not one all powerful God. Their beliefs are founded according the cycles of the earth, moon and sun. In the spanish culture there is Santeria and Brujeria. These utilize the religious dieties as their focal points but originally for reasons other than religion, (that's another story).European cultures have their superstitions and beliefs but they are much the same as the spanish, (Cuban, Puerto Rican, etc.).

So, peeps, when you are saying your nightly or morning prayers, is it faith or magic? Maybe it's both.

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