Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I just finished my script for "Sunrise. You can't fight the demon on his terms." of which I have begun to post the story on my blog. I gotta say I REALLY enjoyed writing it. It was like watching the movie in my head and I love the characters.

I did a lot of research for the story but a lot of the story was taken from real life experiences, not to say they were my own.

But has it brought me any closer to finding the truths behind the "Supernatural" or "Paranormal"?

I know what I have lived or have been witness to, having been an outsider to this circle of society in my own family. But what have I found out or discovered especially as fact?

What I absolutely do know is that I have been left with more questions, some more burning than before.

I also know that the Vatican with Pope Benedict, having taken over when the world lost Pope John Paul, authorized the training of more Exorcists because of the increase in possessions due to the rise in interest in the occult. They have gone on the record as saying we want to meet this problem head on and fight Satan, fire with fire. Holy shit, no pun intended but that is some serious sh@*! One Exorcist has reported that he has gone from having no reported possessions to having 200 hundred reported.

So, with this news and the Vatican's fervent attention to this possible lack in the order of the Roman Catholic posts within the church, what happened or is happening to make them feel this way? What are the specifics? What the hell is going on? We are having more certified reportings of cases of possessions and a rise in the pracitice and believers in the occult and Satanism.

Strange, isn't it, this is happening when society in general, worldwide, has moved away from the church, it's good and bad.

The church feels that the people who have made the decision to follow Satanism and the occult believe that Satan can fullfull them. So, what are they desiring that the church can't give them? Traditionally, it's power, fortune, and control. All things that Satan wants, hummmm....misguided?

The rest of society has become more technologically focused and wrapped up in modern vices having lost it's focus on faith.

Granted, I also have become disenchanted with most of the peoples of the church as most of them are hypocrites and are truly not people of the cloth and faith. But I know that I can't let these poor examples cloud my vision in what I truly believe in....the truth and the light and our reason for the crap we go through everyday. Because this can't be it.

Back to the problem at hand, possession on the rise.

In order to become possessed by a malevolent or demonic spirit, one must open themselves up to it, sort of like an invitation. The thing is, to the best of my understanding, they don't like people and the demons will take you over to cause you harm, to totally destroy you and all that you love. It's a trap this misconception of giving you what you want, lies.

My biggest concern is: once they get in (or out) through human bodies and lives, how far will they go once they get earth bound, so to speak? There's got to be a grander scheme, a bigger prize for them. And just like in any big ladder to climb in the working world, the people are just the stepping stones. I picture this situation just like a playground for the demons.

They are being invited in and because of our lack of interest in all things religious, yes, they are an aspect of religion, we are completely taking no notice of them and letting them do whatever they want. Turning a blind eye. We have become such a society of, "if he's not bothering me, it's not my business." Food for thought, isn't it.

I've read that Satan's greatest conquest is for people to believe he doesn't exist.

So, peeps, take a look around, all is not what it seems.

Live Well,


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