Thursday, September 17, 2009

Vampires, Witches, & Werewolves. OH MY! Part II

The quest for the ever mythical vampire. We have been having a love/hate relationship with this dark, mysterious, beautiful and fatal portrayal of the most powerful predator to stalk human kind for many years. Are they real or fictitious?

Like a great part of society today, unless you've been living under a rock or in North Korea you are quite familiar with the Vampire sagas of Stephanie Meyer, "Twilight", and before her was Anne Rice and the "Vampire Chronicles" including "Interview With a Vampire". I am a great fan of both of these writers and have read many of Anne Rice's works and all 4 books of the "Twilight" saga. Going back further is the original "Dark Shadows" series that, from what I can remember, was dark, gothic, romantic and in an eerie castle with the intimidating Barnabus Collins. And of course in between we've had the many Count Draculas with the most famous being Bram Stokers.

Not too long ago Paranormal State had an investigation containing a little girl who said she saw a vampire lurking in the shadows of her room. My mother said that a painting that we had hanging in our living room was of a woman vampire. It was painted by another family member and she absolutely hated this painting.

With my desire to find out the truths regarding the different faces of the paranormal and supernatural in the many various parts of our society I set out looking to see if this secret culture really does exist.

This is what I've found out:

Those who say they are modern day vampires are not the type that have traditionally been displayed commercially. They are not murderous, blood thirsty killers. There are different types and each type requires what they need to survive just as "humans" need air, the life force just as sweet and just as critical to their survival. They need their specific requirements from an outside source because their bodies do not create sufficient amount of energies critical for their existence.

I also would like to first mention that it is said vampires are not made. These vampiric tendencies tend to surface during the phase of puberty as their bodies change. I would like to make a side note stating that within my professional work environment working with Special Education children, those with Autism have displayed marked differences in their Autistic behavior at this same time, the onset of puberty. Of course, every case is different so each one shows different characteristics. Regarding vampirific needs and desires some vampires say these tendencies are latent and will experience this "change" later on. And they are not immortal.

The different kinds are:

Sanguine - This type of vampire gets it life-force energy from drinking blood, preferably human blood. They usually have a very private and understood relationship with a donor with whom a strong bond of trust must be developed on both sides. The donor is tested for diseases, alcohol and any infectuous conditions and the donor must trust the vampire with their life. The blood letting is usually done with a sterile blade where a cut is made on the donor then the vampire will suck the required amount from them, usually an ounce or two. A lot of times this will be done after sexual relations in order to relax the donor and what other way could create such a feeling of closeness? These "feedings" could allow the vampire to survive for many weeks. If no donor is available the sanguine vampire has been known to go to a kosher butcher to purchase blood they keep for sale used for cooking purposes.

Psi (pranic) - retrieve what they need from life-force energies. This group of vampires can pull these life-force energies from individuals, again a willing donor, or just in passing or within a crowd situation. A psi vampire can generally "feed" off of a human without the person having any knowledge or be effected in any way, although this is frowned upon.

Empathic - retrieve their survival energies from emotional life-forces from the emotions of people. It is said that those vampires that "feed" off of negative emotions (anger/fear/etc.) will cause a situation where these emotions will be stirred up and then "feed" but these types of vampires are sometimes considered within their own category. Usually empathic vampires "feed" off whatever human emotions are being released.

Sexual - survive off the life-force energies that come about from sexual activity especially those generated during orgasm. Female sexual vampires are referred to as succubbi and the male as incubi.

Soul - "feed" directly off the energies the person's soul. Soul vampires sometimes will gain the abilities of the person they are feeding from and sometimes their memories, thoughts and desires. This is the most intimate form of feeding, even moreso than sanguine and sexual.

Elemental - "feed" off life-forces elements such as the earth, fire, wind, and water. It is said by some these types of vampires are able to manipulate these elemental energies and convert them to the energies which they need.

Astral - are able to travel through the astral plane and "feed" off of the life-force energies found there. It is also said they are able to materialize and feed off the life-force energies of people asleep.

Dreamscape - are said to enter into a person's dream and "feed"off the life-force energies within the dream.

Magickal - are able to "feed" on and manipulate magickal energies.

This is a lot of information to take in. I would like to add that I've read that vampires say they are not Satanists or Occultists, a lot of them follow a religion and believe in God. But from my own personal viewpoint, not all "humans" are good and believe in God. Some are killers and evil. So I guess it would be fair to say that the sub-culture of vampires also would have this possible type of being within their society. There is always the good with the bad no matter where you go.

I have yet to have the opportunity to speak with a self-professed real vampire as, I'm sure you've guessed, they are quite secretive. There are many out there "role-playing" some wearing fake fangs, WildEyes contact lenses and living the goth style with some involved in the game "Vampire: The Masquerade" by White Wolf Publishing. I've been searching so if you know of anyone, please send them my way. All conversations would be done with complete confidentiality.

Now, I will leave with this bit of food for thought to digest.

And remember -

Live Well,


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