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Paranormal City on Demons, Ghosts, and Malevolent Forces

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Sorry it's been a little while since my last post, I've been waiting for the most accommodating individuals to finalize interviews I've had with them since my last blog, "Vampires, Witches, & Werewolves. OH MY! Part II" I have been very busy and loving every minute of it! I hope my next post will be coming up very shortly, "Interview With a Vampire". It will be a continuation of "Vampires, Witches, & Werewolves..."

Below, you will find a conversation I had with Charlie, a demonologist with Paranormal City out of Texas. Please follow him at @paranormal_city on Twitter. He has been working with individuals who have been possessed, homes and dwellings that are haunted and has witnessed and been involved in some of the most fascinating situations.

(The conversation has not been changed in any way, therefore, all imperfections remain).

Please read to the end, there is a listing of the "Watcher Fallen Angels" and "Arch Demons".


SO YOU KNOW I JUST WANT TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS. I am not in anyway trying to push any personal Belief or Religion on you IN ANYWAY. so i will be pure and honest in Answering your Questions. I respect your Views. So feel free to question me Further if you need.

I dont think there is no actual school for a is a field that there IS NO SCHOOLING ( you learn by Experience) ....Ha ha IS THERE? Now i do know that Certian Churches have there Ordained Ministers that Practice Excorcisms and learn thier Technic of Excorsism or Deliverance , they do study the Occult for research, For instance the Catholic church.( i am not Catholic)

I say i am Demonoligist because this is what one is Called in My field of work when i cross over to this Side (Paranormal Investigators, Ghost Hunters).....On my Side of the Spritual world i am known as a Excorsist or Deliverance Minister (THE CHRISTIAN WORLD). Yes i am a ordained Minister. I have never EVER wanted to do this Kind of work. I never wanted anything to do with the Dealing of the DEMONIC...... I was thrown into it for the Past ten years...
Broadly, three forms of demonology exist: black, religious, and academic. Black demonology is the work of Satanists, demonolaters and black magicians, they study the subject to better work their curses and other magical practices. Academic demonologists study the belief in demons found throughout the world as a branch of theology, anthropology or a similar discipline. Finally, there are religious demonologists, who study demons in an attempt to recognize their workings in people’s lives and to help people who come under their influence.
A modern religious demonologist operates very much like ghost hunters and parapsychologists. They enter homes where unexplained activity occurs documenting it in photographs, video footage, and audio recordings. The principle difference is first that demonologists are usually called in on violent cases. Again as the late demonologist Lou Gentile put it “we’re not the people you call when you hear footsteps in the hall way, we’re the ones you call when you’re in a hotel room and to afraid to go home.� While demonologists do get called into cases where only a human spirit, a ghost, is involved more often the activity is of an especially disturbing nature and needs to be removed by some means.
Originally i wanted to just work with Troubled teens or Addiction Recovery...or just Help feed the Hungry and work with orphan Kids. THATS IT!!! Then i was running into Fully Possessed Teenagers, Cutting themselfs or Angry and wanting to commit Murder. I would have teenagers tell me I feel an evil spirit in me. Little By little i was dealing with a TON and very Overwhelming Group of Possessed People. So i began Fasting and Praying for them ....ONE CHURCH CASE AFTER ANOTHER People would be set free from this. VERY POSITIVE. During this time i Learned alot about "Deliverance Technics"(EXORCISIMS) i say OJT or ON THE JOB TRAINNING.

- Do you feel one opens themself up to malevolent forces just through curiosity?
My Experience i would say most people got messed up by PLAYING WITH the OUJI boards or reading and trying to practice witchCraft......getting Involved heavy into Drugs, Invocation of Demons.. YES they opened themselfs to this Through Curiousity. If you dibble Dabble into the Dark you can get BIT.
I had PEOPLE i was dealing with that were Diagnosed by there Doctors as BI POLAR or SCHIZOPHRENIC then months Later Completely Normal. I am rushing through the Years Skipping alot of stuff.
As a Minister, I also would conduct house blessings but then people starting calling me about wierd stuff in there House or GHOST , Or Poltergiest Activity. So before i knew i was Doing house Cleansings also. YES I HAVE ALOT OF STUFF HAPPEN.....
Dealing with Demons they have names they go by so Yes i have studied alot of DEMON LIST , i have had to do research on all sorts of Demon worship and Diffrent Dieties. I am now very Familiar with all Kinds of Majic, Eastern Religion. Diffrent forms of Occults and Occult Holidays , In my Field i feel like it is wise to know what you are dealing with...... NOTHING SHOCKS ME ANYMORE....or Scares me.
Now people only Call me if the worst stuff is happening. Like getting your Hair Pulled. Getting Scratched.Feces being thrown at you from your walls . Tormenting Dreams , Objects being teleported around in your house like your Fridge is gone and now in the Basement or all your Furniture being Stacked to the Ceiling. HEARING SCRATCHING NOISES ON THE WALL, SMELLING SULFUR In the house Ect.......................... usually i show up when people dont want to go back into the house.

- Why do you think there has been a rise in reported possessions causing the Vatican to train more Exorcists?
i dont know about the Vatican why they are training more Excorcist? they do have a very good Technic they use .
i do connect in my network of Exorcist and it is true there is more rise of Demonic Cases. SHOOOOT i think i can go Full time in this Job, BUT I DONT WANT IT......
FACT there is more acceptance in Demon worship in the world today and is very much out in the open, i do know that. Here in Austin Texas , Heck go Join A Coven or Satanist group everything is cool. BLACK MAJIC or white majic, it is cool now. The sell of OUji Boards on the Rise. Everything is Excepted. Everything is in the open.

- Do you think that Satan and his demons can and do, and the angels and Archangels, ever walk the earth in human form? YES.....have i seen this YES.......Fallen Angels , we call them Principalities Ephsians 6:12.....or STRONGMAN..... Archangels No......Seen Demons YES...

- What about vampires, do you believe in them, in their existence?

- What I've read so far on vampires is it is a genetic condition, one is not "made" and they are not evil. A lot follow religion/believe in God. Do you agree?

- Do you know any vampires and if so, what kind?
yes i do believe they Exsist. Have i ever seen them NO. I have dealt with Evil Spirits within people that Claim they were vampires when they were cast out the person no longer Claimed to being a vampire only that the Spirit Entered into them by drinking Blood, DEMONS will say what ever and Lie. But i have never seen one Manifest.
I do believe they Can Shape Shift and Fly. YES I DO BELIEVE in that. IT IS PURELY DEMONIC. i have others who have had to deal with this . I believe their Stories but then they are just stories if i have no proof. BUT IN MY FAITH I DO BELIEVE.

- Are you a person of faith? in do i have Faith? or am i Christian or blieve In Jesus Christ?

- You've read my bio, you know my beliefs on witchcraft and where I come from. What is your experiences with witches.

- What kind?
Honestly the only witches i knew where my Aunts they were Catholics but at night they Practice Healing Majic, Indian Traditons , Or white Majic. The Community Called them CURANDERROS Healers......

- In your opinion, do you believe bringing these facets of our society out in the open would do harm or good? Me personally i feel it would bring more harm.Not that most of these people would want to do harm. I believe that Most Witches mean to do Good but the Supernatural Can not be Controlled, at lower levels you may be able to manupilate a situation but after awhile a price will have to be paid as you venture deeper there is danger ...It is the Doors that are opened into the Supernatural that i have seen cause Damage, Death and Destruction.

- Anything you would like to add that people would like to know? Paranormal City -What we are about? we are not here to argue Religion or Push Doctrine on anyone. we just want to RECORD THE PARANORMAL FOR OUR CREDIBITLY AND TO RESEARCH.
the Past Ten years we as a team have had alot of Experiencs and Stories, we have never Filmed or recorded our Work. So that means we can be making stuff up. So these Next 12 months we are going to Film and Record you can follow us on YOutube PARANORMALCITY ATx..... we would like to work with other Groups in the Paranormal Field and Exchange Information. In Central Texas.

- Does your faith (Pentecostal) have any documentation on the following and, if so, what?
* ghosts - YES we do , videos of Poltergiest , Posssessed homes... i have alot of PERSONAL EXPIERNCES the Past 15 yrs , dealing with all kinds of Hauntings. We have Groups that we Call CLEANERS that go in and remove these Entities. Our Methods are very Effective.
UP UNTIL recently i have been sending teams in with the Cleaners to video tape , record on film to have Evidence of all of our Findings.....IF THERE are WERWOLFS, VAMPIRES??? i believe so ! but where is the Video footage , the facts? so far they have all been stories or dreams ? i believe in them and from what i have heard from some our teams they say they have seen such things..... I BELIEVE THEM...BUT until we have facts , they are just stories. - I also believe all these things to be wicked and evil. PURE EVIL...
I'm Writting a Book Called "THE ART OF THE GREAT LIGHT"- it's our technic when we encounter these entities and Diabolic cases on how We handle it. Kind of like a manual for those who work in our kind of Field of work.
* witches- we have a TON of EX witches from all kinds of PAGAN believes ...we have WICCANS, THORS, BLACK WIZARDS , WHITE WITHCES, SHAMMANS, FORMER HIGH RANKING SATANIST , Cuarranderros , SHAPESHIFTERS,.......our Church is full of all of the Above. they are now converted FILLED WITH THE HOLYSPIRIT CHRISTIANS. AWESOME.....they play a big roll in helping me in my field of work..... they have given me great insight.... THEY are all filled with the POWER OF THE HOLYGHOST. The HOLYGHOST IS ONE SPIRIT. it acts like spirit Guide for us kinda like for a Meduim or Psyhcic uses SPIRIT GUIDE(S).
But first one must rennounce all there other spirit Guide(S) before recieveing the Baptisim of the HOLYSPIRIT (FIRE)- once you recieve it you cross over and seee the TWO OPPOSING FORCES .....YOU SEE THE ANGELIC SIDE OF HEAVEN. or what we call heaven. Then you see the Demonic side of things which they once opperated in. This is where we cant Compromise our faith.
BELOW are Children of the Dark.....all these below do exsist. actually they are alot more that have yet to be Recorded.
your ARCH DEMONS - we call these STRONG MEN- the Following are {EXAMPLES} ....... Vassago
* demons
* vampires
* werewolves * Arch Demons
* Watcher Angels (are these considered the Fallen Angels?)


Yes you can Qoute me....

Charlie has extended the invitation to anyone who has questions or comments of their own to contact him. He is the most genuine person and will treat you with the utmost respect. Please feel free to send him a message on Twitter.

Remember, all is not as it seems.

Live well,

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